Sophia Amoruso’s 10 Brilliant Rules For Success

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“You’re never failing; you (are) never making mistakes… You are just learning.” — This is probably one of the best inspiring lines that I have heard from the beautiful and impressive woman, Sophia Amoruso. Who is she? She is the founder and owner of Nasty Gal, which sells women’s fashion including modern and vintage clothing, shoes and accessories for young women which can all be found on the brand’s website. This awesome woman did not come from a wealthy family. Her story is not like the typical rags to riches story, though it is like that, but more on the aggressive side. She spent her childhood hitchhiking near West Coast, dumpster diving and stealing. I know, I told you. But how did she become successful? How did she become one of the most empowering women today? Learn it straight from the awesome Sophia Amoruso.

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